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Mandy's Water Soluble Sugar Wax is enriched with blue lotus extract, known for its soothing and antioxidant benefits. Combined with a fresh, fruity fragrance, this gentle, microwaveable wax delivers long-lasting results and leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and pampered. Perfect for fine hair, this wax is especially suited to first-time users, and the rinse-off formulation allows any residue to be easily removed. Over time, regular waxing produces silkier, sparser hair – making it a cost-effective and beauty-enhancing method of hair removal.

Contents: 300g wax + spatula, 5 washable strips, instruction leaflet
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Directions Caution
  1. REMOVE lid and place jar on a microwaveable plate, and place in CENTRE of turntable. Microwave on high for ± 20 seconds. If bubbles appear in the wax, it has been overheated. Allow to cool for at least 5 minutes before handling. Using an oven glove or towel, carefully remove the plate and jar and gently place on a level counter top. Stir wax to smooth consistency – it should be similar to that of thick honey. Test wax by applying a small amount to the inside of your wrist – the wax should feel comfortably warm – no hotter than bath water. If it is too hot, allow to cool for a few minutes before re-testing on your wrist again.
  2. Using the spatula provided, scoop a small dollop of wax from the jar and at the same time, turn the spatula in a circular motion to prevent it from spilling off. Holding the spatula at a right angle, smooth the wax down firmly and as THINLY as possible in the direction of hair growth onto the area to be waxed. Apply the wax in small strips and on one area at a time.
  3. Place an enclosed strip over the wax in the direction of hair growth. Rub the strip a few times so that the strip can absorb the wax.
  4. Hold the skin taut with one hand and grasp the lower end of the strip with the other. Pull the strip back, parallel to the skin, AGAINST the direction of hair growth. To relieve discomfort immediately place firm pressure on the skin. You may use the same strip numerous times (usually 3 – 4 times), until the coating on the strip is quite thick.
  5. Wash the waxed area with warm, soapy water and apply moisturiser to soothe the skin. Once the wax has cooled slightly, store the jar with the lid firmly secured in a cool, dry place. Wash the REUSABLE strips in warm, soapy water and place them out to dry on a flat area.

  • Reduce the recommended heating time with subsequent uses as the quantity of wax decreases with each use.
  • Have your microwave oven standing at normal counter height.
  • Take care of the turntable glass getting hot from the conduction of heat.
  • Wait 10 days before re-waxing.
Do Not
  • Microwave with the spatula inside the container.
  • Leave the microwave oven unattended during heating.
  • Allow the wax to boil.
  • Use sudden, sharp or jerky movements, as this could cause the wax to 'spit'.
  • Stand and peer into the jar.
  • Use if diabetic.
  • Use on areas treated with Retin-A, Glycolic Acid, or Alpha Hydroxy products.
  • Use any deodorant or any products containing fragrance or alcohol before, or immediately after waxing.
  • Wax over acne, cuts, sunburnt skin, moles, varicose veins, warts, eczema, open wounds or any other skin ailments.
  • Re-wax area if skin is red or irritated or wax repeatedly over the same area as this can cause bruising.
  • Scratch or rub skin after waxing.
  • Expose waxed area to harsh sunlight or hot water before or after waxing. Wait 8 hours before suntanning.
  • Apply wax to any area around the eyes or inside the nose. If irritation occurs – please consult a doctor.
  • Keep away from children especially when wax is molten. Overheated wax can cause serious burns.
  • In case of burning – run cold water over the affected area for 10 minutes. Do not try to remove wax. Cover with a cold compress and seek medical attention immediately.

Microwave Ovens Disclaimer/Indemnity

Due to the variability of microwave functions, Lee-Chem Laboratories (Pty) Ltd. does
not accept liability for any injury or damage arising from the preparation of this
product in a microwave oven. Microwave ovens vary considerably. Heating times given
are only an indication. This product has been tested in a 900-watt microwave.
If a higher wattage is used, times must be reduced and caution exercised. Likewise,
if a lower wattage microwave is being used extra heating times may be necessary.
The heating times must also be reduced according to the proportion of wax used,
i.e., a half-filled jar will take a shorter time to heat.
Sucrose, Aqua (Water), Citric Acid, Nymphaea Coerulea (Blue Lotus) Flower Extract, Glycerin, Parfum (Fragrance), Geraniol, Hexyl Cinnamal.
  • Sugar-based wax is very effective for fine hair, making it ideal for teens and first-time users.
  • As it is a natural product, there may be a colour variance from batch to batch – this is nothing to be concerned about.
  • Stir the hot wax with a spatula to ensure that the heat is distributed evenly through the wax.
  • Apply a light sprinkling of talc to the area you’re going to wax – spread evenly over the area. This helps absorb any excess moisture or body oil that may impair the performance of the wax.
  • Being sugar based, this wax is quite forgiving, and if applied incorrectly, can simply be washed off with water.

I've heard waxing can be sore or uncomfortable which makes me apprehensive. Is this true? - Karen

Waxing removes the hair from the root, so yes, there's a level of sensation as nerves surround that hair root. But everyone is different and the experience varies from person to person. Avoid waxing a few days before or after your period, as your skin is more sensitive at this time. The muscles around the hair contract when it is cold, so wax in a warm room where those muscles are relaxed and comfortable which will minimise any discomfort. If you can pull a plaster off your skin, you'll be just fine with waxing!

How hot should the wax be? - Denise

A sugar based wax can burn the skin if it's too hot, so be sure not to overheat the wax. Follow the heating instructions on pack to warm the wax. Bear in mind that the wattage of the microwave and the amount of product in the jar has an impact on the heating time required. Stir the heated wax to ensure even temperature distribution. It should be hot enough to dissolve any hard lumps of wax, but never bubbling. Test the temperature by placing a small drop of wax to the inside of the wrist. The sensation of the wax on your skin should feel warm, but not to the extent of any discomfort.

How should I prepare my skin before waxing? - Abigail

Waxing works best on clean, dry skin that is free of moisture, sweat or natural body oils. We don't suggestion moisturising the skin before a wax. If you're in a humid environment, apply a light layer of talc to the skin before waxing to absorb any excess moisture.

Do I need epilating strips for this product? - Cindy-Lee

Yes - included in the pack are 5 washable epilating strips which can be used again.

I didn't find the product effective - what went wrong? - Elize

Ensure the wax is warm enough to grip on to the hairs - if it's too cold, it won't do so. Ensure your skin is clean, dry and in good condition - if it is too dry and scaly, or sticky and greasy, the wax will not work effectively.

Can I clean the wax and reuse it? - Dane

Recycling wax it not advisable - it's both unhygienic and compromises the integrity of the wax.

There's a slight stickiness or residue after I've used the wax - how can I get rid of this? - Molly

Being a sugar based wax, this can easily be washed away using a little warm water followed by some everyday moisturiser or body lotion if necessary.

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